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National Crane Academy is about helping people get ahead. We are a group of working class people that truly know what it means to want to better for ourselves. This school is our chance to gives us the opportunity to make something truly remarkable happen; we can help a person out in need. A career is a milestone in a person’s life and we are dedicated to getting you into a career, getting you through the tough spot you are in and transforming your future into something you have struggled to achieve before.

Why become a Crane Operator?

We have been in the crane industry for over 20 years and we have helped 100’s of people live their dreams. Crane work is a career that will stand the test of time and is economy-resistant for the most part. It is also technology resistant. As we see more and more positions replaced by robotics and AI, crane operation will always require a human touch. People will always need things built and as we continue to build taller and dig deeper, the demand for crane operators will continue to soar!

What is the NCCCO?

The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators .was formed in 1995 to administer the nationwide program for certifying crane operators to ensure a standard level of skill and knowledge that an operator must have to operate a crane of any type. Safety is paramount when working with heavy loads and this certification helps you understand what it takes to not only complete the task, but to do it safely.

All program guidelines and training initiatives meet OSHA guidelines for safety. OSHA is the driving force in safety and meeting their standards for training is vital to working safely. This program is nationally accredited. This means that once you’ve been certified by NCCCO, then you can go to any state and work as a crane operator

NCCCO has spent a lot of resources to serve crane operators and employers nationwide by ensuring safety standards in training and on the workforce. These include:

  • Reducing the risk of losses to employers on the work site
  • Ensuring there are fewer accidents
  • Maintaining a consistent training environment for crane operators
  • Increasing job opportunities for crane operators

The organization is supported by companies and organization from industries and agencies nationwide. The NCCCO has certified operators employed within the various industries, including training schools like National Crane Academy, construction companies, crane rental companies, utility companies, energy companies, steel erection organizations, petrochemicals manufacturers, pulp and paper manufacturers, and government agencies at all levels.

NCCCO is a non-profit organization that operates within the private sector to ensure crane operators are trained safely and certified to operate cranes on any type of worksite in any state. They administer both written and practical tests to ensure proficiency in crane operations. For more information on the NCCCO visit their website at http://www.nccco.org

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Our classes are designed to ensure the information you need to pass the NCCCO test is drilled into your brain through various study methods. We use visual aids, group participation and a repetitive formula to ensure you grap the key concepts of the exams. We also guarantee that you will pass or you can retake the class* until you pass at no charge.

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